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Dec 4, 2012 6:00pm PST
and the city government showing their naked protests two weeks ago. they accuse the board president of violating the b and of sensorship for calling a recess when commotion broke out that. led cameras ras to stop rolling. the da says protestors need to contact the ethics commission for a review. >> thank you. >> just ahead another big decision in san francisco today that will affect thousands of kids. >> find out what the muni plans to go ahead. >> a north bay man's plan to keep his oyster farm over. >> efforts >>> low income children in san francisco will be soon able to ride muni for free. the decision after more than a year of debate. abc 7 news reporter was at the transportation agency board of directors meeting and joins us now to explain the pilot program. >> and the program will make muni free to children of low income san francisco families. and only working for next year but it's been a long, two year battle to get to this point. >> families have been fighting for two years for this moment. the board of directors this afternoon voted to aloe indicate $1.6 million so childre
Nov 28, 2012 6:00pm PST
's requesting $37 billion from the federal government. >> and a new un climate change report out says sea level could be prizing -- rising faster than thought. that is especially troubling for those of us living and working near the edge of the bay. and more on the flooding dangers that could be around the corner. >> at high tide this submerged staircase is an erie reminder of the inches separating dry land from water. in 2008 bay waters flooded streets and sidewalks like they did in twut. the united nationspfip level sea levels are rising faster than predicted. >> today's flood going to be tomorrow's high tides. and so we need to get ready for changes, a deeper bay. a bay with bigger waves and more7?s8$ frequent flooding. >> the bay conservation and development commission is in charge of making these maps showing areas in danger of flooding. but now, maybe sooner with models of the un report that now account for melting perma froth. >> san francisco water front will be the last parts of the bay shore to flood. regulators caution if walls aren't built along the bay area shore line, communities
Dec 3, 2012 6:00pm PST
a federal government seems to value lies over the truth and special interests over the welfare of the community. >> a high profile attorney from texas joined the fight over the richmond refinery fire in august. 4800 people filed suit, claiming health he impacts and complaining the fire was cause bid negligence. local lawyers teamed up with an attorney from houston who helped win a $500 million case against bp. >> cat williams has been arrested again. you might remember will yips had an onstage melt down after an arrest in oakland for allegedly breaking a bottle over someone's head. but today released from jail in seattle. he was charged with resisting arest after refusing to leave a bar following an argument. police say he flicked a cigarette into a woman's face. and involved in an altercation with tree fans who tried to get pictures taken with him. >> still to come tonight at 6:00 republicans offering a solution to ending the fiscal cliff-hanger. how not solving it will affect your family pocketbook. >> from the state capitol tonight, new lawmakers taking their seats. what is
Nov 29, 2012 6:00pm PST
the land was transferred to the federal government in the 1960s. the lease expires tomorrow. >> congress back then intended for drake's estero to become wilderness. today he has made it clear he is going to honor that intent. >> today he said it's one of our crown jewels. we are fulfilling the vision to protect this place for generations to come. he has worked here for 30 years. he'll be unemployed after tomorrow. >> i feel bad for the company here, my job and my home. >> it will have an impact on the market. according to the farm it produces nearly 40% of california's oyster harvest. but aim any of the west environmental action agency, that humboldt bay has been expanding operations to fill the void. other groups have promised to help find jobs for the workers of the farm. the future is uncertain. >> it started with native americans and became a commercial operation almost a hundred years ago. it's not really about one family. >> just 33 days left until the so-called fiscal cliff is reached, in washington, d.c. treasury-secretary timothy geithner is trying to get both sides to agree. re
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4